editorial training

Jim Sulecki 40 Seasons Media Editorial TrainingIt’s such a vital piece of the media management puzzle today, yet with the press of business and flattening organizational structures, editorial training and development often drops down the priority list.

Don’t let that happen. Let 40 Seasons Media help.

We can craft a cost- and time-efficient training and development regimen for your editors and content producers that is tailored to the unique needs of your organization and also makes best use of the collective wisdom acquired by many of today’s leading-edge media companies.

Jim Sulecki, 40 Seasons Lead and Founder, has accumulated decades of practical experience in managing and mentoring content producers. Either onsite or via remote learning sessions, he can your content producers through some of the trickiest parts of being a business journalist today, including:

  • Effective editorial planning—striking just the right balance between formality and flexibility
  • Working collaboratively with the sales team to serve audience and advertisers alike
  • Producing content efficiently across multiple platforms—print, digital, social, events—for full market reach
  • Developing conference programming that is a natural piece and extension of the editorial mission rather than “one more thing” your editors have to do
  • Tips, tricks, and good practices for widening the reach of your digital content

Reach out to us and tell us your needs. Let’s see if together we can develop a training and development program that makes your editorial and content producers even more valuable assets than they already are.